Rough’Nough @ Libros Mutantes’16

Rough’Nough @ Libros Mutantes’16
May 5, 2016 Rough'Nough
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Libros Mutantes ’16 Recap from Libros Mutantes on Vimeo.

Our stay at Libros Mutantes’16 was a great experience and we definitely want to come back next year. It was incredible to see so many new stuff, and to meet so many great people there, specially Francisco and Natalia form Minchō, Laura from RAUM Press, Clara and her friends from Papier Café and Sergio Resayre for setting up an exclusive deal for Portugal between The Hobohawk and Rough’Nough. It was just a shame that we could not enjoy the big amount of talks, presentations, conferences and workshops. But well.. it’s always a compromise when you’re selling books, our focus is on you, the public 🙂

One of the most rewarding things of going to a books fair abroad is to come back heavier than when we went. To be able to bring new books to our store in Portugal is one of the main objectives and we managed to bring alot of stuff from the likes of Nina Gschlößl, The Hobohawk, Bartlebooth Mag, Blackmountain Books , Aquellos Que Esperan and Superávit. Hopefuly, all of these new and beautiful books will be available online next week for all of you to order. We still have to photograph and document all of them so you have to be pacient, it will be worth the wait. But If you don’t want to wait, please come by our space and check them in hand.


An image of our stand at Libros Mutantes’16

Madrid, we’ll meet each others soon 😉

P.S.: It was a pleasure to drive from Portugal to Madrid with Xavier Almeida and Miguel who had a table right next to ours. We had such a good time in Madrid together. And I’m sorry you had to sweat on the way back, pushing my car every time we stopped on the way back ’cause of the fucked up battery that wouldn’t start the car in anyway, ahah.

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