Rough’Nough is a caleidoscopic project, based in Lisbon (Portugal), that aims to explore the rough and often overlooked uniqueness of selfpublishing techniques. We’re mainly an independent creative studio focused on Risograph printing, facilitating the production of small scale publications, artist books, posters, flyers, and any other graphic piece you might need. Risograph is a printing method akin to silkscreening butĀ almost fully automatic, way more fast and affordable. Risograph is also known by it’s very distinctive look and texture, a special pallette of colors, and a uniqueness provided to every print.

In parallel we also have our own publishing house called Rough’Nough Editons where we regularly publish zines, books, and other limited edition works by various artists and illustrators that we feel as rough enough.

Besides facilitating the production of independent publications, we also have the aim to promote any kind of publications and printed matter as much as we can. For this, we built a physical and online bookshop where, on top of our own editions, you can find an ever expanding range of rare independent publications by various artists and publishers. But this is not all. We love to step out of the studio and the bookshop from time to time, to attend zine and art book fairs as a way to bring closer to you all the joy of self publishing and printmaking.

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Rua Cidade de Cardiff, 54b

1170-085, Lisboa,


+351 965 24 23 23


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